We Are Commited To Safety

We Are
To Safety

We strive to be an industry leader in protecting the safety and health of our employees by empowering every employee to personally champion the safety process with the underlying belief that all accidents are preventable.

More than Just A CommitmeNT

We believe that all worksite injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents are preventable. Our number one commitment is to have none of them—ZERO.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, injury-free work site. By emphasizing the importance of safety, our team continually focuses on the well-being of our worksites. Our commitment to safety is consistently communicated to every level of our organization, regardless of the job.



Let’s face it, mining and land clearing are hazardous industries, and without the proper training, they can be downright dangerous. We prioritize safety above all else. That’s why every new employee, whether they are brand new to the industry or have multiple years of experience, starts off by going through an extensive training program. This program includes in-class and on-site training, as well as MSHA Certification and First Aid Training. We are committed to equipping our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these industries safely.


Safety is ingrained in our culture. We conduct regular safety audits to ensure a safe working environment and involve employees at all levels in the process. We expect every employee to actively participate in identifying risks and implementing corrective measures, fostering a sense of collective responsibility. Our reporting mechanisms encourage open communication for employees to report safety concerns promptly. Ongoing training and development keep our workforce up-to-date with the latest safety practices. Our commitment to safety goes beyond compliance as we strive for continuous improvement and a workplace where everyone is actively involved in our safety journey.


We acknowledge the paramount importance of safety in our industry. That’s why we have gone the extra mile by hiring one of the top Safety Directors in the field, who brings over 30 years of experience in dealing with the ever-changing rules and regulations of OSHA and MSHA. In recent years, we have completely overhauled our safety policy, surpassing standard requirements and implementing top-notch safety practices on every jobsite. Through rigorous protocols, comprehensive training programs, and proactive risk identification, we prioritize the well-being of our employees and strive to exceed industry standards. Safety is ingrained in our culture, driving our unwavering commitment to a secure working environment.


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